President’s Message

Making full use of the precision processing technology that we have developed over many years, we provide numerous products, including both hydraulic tools and shavers. I would like to take this opportunity to express my great appreciation to the many customers who have used our products and supported us over the years.

We see it as our duty to propose and provide truly appealing products with the number one goal being to obtain the trust and satisfaction of the customer. For us, enterprise value comes from being “a company that customers need and that customers are happy to do business with.” We will continue to take on this challenge.

Based on the principle that “A company is its people, and monozukuri (the making of things) means hitozukuri (the development of people),” we believe that strong company growth is achieved by bringing together the strengths of each person as that person grows through his or her work.

In order to meet the expectations of all stakeholders (customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders, etc.), we are aiming for ongoing global business development that gives careful consideration to both the times and our customers.

I hope that you will give us your continued support in the years ahead.

Juichiro Shima, President & Chief Executive Officer
Maxell Izumi