President’s Message

Maxell Izumi Co., Ltd., the manufacturer of hydraulic tools and electric appliances, has the following corporate philosophy and policy , "we promise to provide our valued customers with products that provide long-lasting satisfaction and continuous reliability."

In order to achieve this, we continue to create new products and solutions derived from our customer-oriented and market challenging developments.

In addition, our environmental policy states that "we dedicate ourselves to contribute to the environmentally-friendly society through electricity-related monozukuri (the making of things)."

We, as a company can provide a flexible approach to the sustainable society, can clearly demonstrate a definite link with the SDGs and proactively take actions for the future.

I look forward to discussing and understanding your expectations of Maxell Izumi Co., Ltd. as we aim to deliver and create more new values than ever as a part of the Maxell Group.

Koji Norimatsu, President & Chief Executive Officer
Maxell Izumi