The Handling of Personal Information

About our Company’s Personal Information Protection Policy

Personal Information Protection Policy

Maxell Izumi (hereinafter, the “Company”) recognizes the proper protection of personal information as an important obligation of the Company, and we appropriately handle personal information in conformity with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and its related statutes as well as other standards.

1. The personal information handled by the Company

The personal information handled by the Company is as shown below.

・ Information concerning customers who use or handle the Company’s products
・ Information from inquiries concerning Company product malfunctions, etc.
・ Information from entries for campaigns concerning Company products

2.The purposes of the Company’s collection of personal information

The purposes for which the Company collects personal information are as shown below. Personal information is used only for the

・ To provide the customer with value-added services such as new-product notices
・ To ship requested products, replacements for malfunctioning products, etc.
・ For notifications from the Company concerning inquiries, orders, and other communications sent to the Company
・ For preparation of statistical materials (differentiation of individuals not possible) for use in improving existing products, developing new products, etc.

With regard to the personal information of minors, the Company requires that the approval of a parent or guardian be obtained before such information is provided to the Company.

3.Joint use of personal information by the Company and a third party

In cases in which the Company is going to jointly use personal information with a third party or consign the handling of personal information to a third party, the Company will carry out a rigorous investigation of the subject third party and exercise proper management so that the third party maintains confidentiality.

4.The providing of personal information to a third party

Except in cases stipulated by law, the Company will not provide personal information to a third party without first obtaining the consent of the subject person

5.Management and protection of personal information

The Company will take the protection of privacy into consideration while also maintaining the accuracy of personal information, and it will take measures to prevent unauthorized access, loss, tampering, leakage, etc.

6.Personal information disclosure, correction, usage halt, and deletion

When it has received from the subject person a request for personal information disclosure, correction, usage halt, or deletion; within a reasonable scope, the Company will handle the request in a timely manner.


The Company will establish a Personal Information Consultation Desk and appoint a personal information protection administrator. It will also implement internal training concerning personal information protection and appropriate management methods, and maintain and improve the Company’s personal information procedures and protection activities.

Procedure for Requesting Disclosure or Other Actions concerning the Personal Data Maintained

Under the provisions of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, if you have a request for disclosure, usage purpose notification, correction, deletion, usage halt, or other action with respect to the personal data maintained by the Company, please submit that request by filling in the necessary information on the prescribed form and mailing it (along with the attached documents) to the Personal Information Consultation Desk.

1.Requests for personal data disclosure, etc.

For the request document, please use the prescribed form. The prescribed form can be downloaded here.

2.Identity verification document

When submitting a request for disclosure or other action with respect to the personal data maintained, in order to verify that you are the subject person, please submit one of the following documents. (It must be within the term of validity.)

・ Copy of driver’s license
・ Copy of health insurance identification card
・ Copy of certificate of residence
・ Copy of some other official certificate which verifies that you are the subject person

The Company’s reply will be mailed to the address specified on the identity verification document so please be sure to send a verification document that shows your current address.

3.Representative verification documents

In cases where a request for disclosure or other action is being made by a representative, in addition to the identity verification document for the subject person, it is necessary to submit a similar verification document for the representative and also a letter of proxy.

4. Fee for information disclosure, etc.

For requests for disclosure and notification of usage purpose, a 500 yen fee is collected for each request. When submitting the request, please enclose a 500 yen postal money order in the request envelope.

The personal information related to this request will be used for responding to this request.

Inquiries concerning personal information:
“Personal Information Consultation Desk” in Administration Maxell Izumi Co., Ltd 3039 Sasaga, Matsumoto, Nagano Prefecture 399-8721