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About Cookies

Our website contains pages in which the technology known as a “cookie” is used. The “cookie” is an industry-standard technology by which a web server identifies a customer’s computer. While the “cookie” identifies the customer’s computer, it does not identify any of the personal information of the customer. Persons who do not want to accept cookies can change their browser setting to prevent it.

About Security

In cases where we have the customer provide personal information via our website, security functions such as SSL (Secure Socket Layer) are provided when necessary. By using a browser that supports the security function, personal information (name, address, telephone number, etc.) entered by the customer is automatically encrypted when it is sent and received.

About Links

Third-party websites that are linked to by this website or that link to this website (hereinafter, “Link Sites”) are managed under the responsibility of their respective companies; they are not under the management of our company. When using Link Sites, please conform to the terms of use posted by the given site. Our company bears no liability with regard to the content of any Link Site or with regard to any damages occurring as a result of the usage of that content. The fact that a site links to our website does not in any way mean that our company recommends the use of that Link Site or the products, services, or companies shown on that Link Site. Furthermore, it also does not indicate the existence of a special relationship such as an alliance between our company and the Link Site./p>