Crimping Tools 12A


Standard dies included in the set

Indentor22-60, 70-100, 150-325 mm² (3 pieces) Nest60, 80, 100, 150, 180, 200, 325 mm² (7 pieces)

Optional dies sold separately

Indentor 8-14 mm² (3 pieces) Nest8, 14, 22, 38, 70 mm² (7 pieces)

JIS standard approved tool


The 12A is a hydraulic indenting head for non-insulated terminals and sleeves up to 325mm².

When rolled-and-blazed connectors are installed, indenting crimp is applied. Indentation is made on the seam of connector for appropriate mechanical and electric characteristics of connected conductors.

The 12A is designed so that connected conductors meet JIS requirement as well as requirement for the tool itself.

This tool requires an external 700 bar hydraulic pump.