Hydraulic Compression Tools 15B


Dies for smaller size connectors and non-insulated terminals available.

* Two stage pumping action for rapid ram advance
* Rubber C head cover for protection of accidental flash over
* Fiberglass handle (Body handle)
* Rubber protected pump handle
* 180 degree swivel head
* Optional dies :
1 Dies for C-Connectors T-11 and T-16
2 Dies for non-insulated terminals
Indentors : 8-14, 22-60mm²
Nest : 8, 14, 22, 38, 60mm²


The 15B hand hydraulic tool was designed to accommodate compressing Izumi C-Connectors up to T-122.

Light weight, slim design allows installation of C-Connectors in tight quarters.

Two stage pumping system minimizes pumping operation.

Rubber protected C Head and pump handle as well as fiberglass handle protect from accidental flash over.