Hydraulic Compression Tools 15B


The #16B is a compression head designed to compress Izumi C-Connectors.
It has a 12 metric ton output suitable to compress C-Connectors up to T-365(365 mm²).
An external 700 bar or 10,000 PSI pumping source is required for operation.
It comes with 5 sets of dies. (T-154, T-190, T-240, T-288 and T-365)


Dies for smaller size C-Connectors and non-insulated terminals available.

Light weight, slim design allows installation of C-Connectors in tight quarters.

Optional dies :
1 Dies for C-Connectors T-20, T-26, T-44, T-60, T-76, T-98, T-122
2 Dies for non-insulated terminals Indentor : 8-14, 22-60, 70-100 mm² Nest : 8, 14, 22, 38, 60, 80, 100 mm²