Hydraulic Compression Tools EP-60D


Dies are sold separately.

* Specify the manufacturer's die and connector numbers
* Accepts all dies used for Alcoa, 60 ton compressors
* Portable and light weight
* Detachable ground stand as a standard accessory
* Large handle for easy carrying
* Double acting hydraulic pump required. The HPE-4 is recommended to operate the EP-60D
* No connector jamming
* Porting : 1/4" NPSM Parker type male & female couplers
* 3/8 BI type coupling available on order


The EP-60D is a double acting 60 ton press. The benefits of double acting tools are fast ram retraction and elimination of the possibility of the tool jamming.

Double acting means hydraulically advancing and retracting the ram. When retracting the ram, a 4 way valve reroutes the hydraulic path to the retracting chamber.

It ensures the ram retracts hydraulically. As a result, the possibility of connector jamming is eliminated and at the same time the ram is retracted much faster. Ram retracting time is 1/3 of spring return EP-60S.