Hydraulic Pumps HPE-4M


Hydraulic hose sold separately.
* For double and single acting tools
* Positive manual control valve
* Relief valve for advance (68.5Mpa) and retract (13.7Mpa)
* Pressure gauge for easy output confirmation
* Reliable output by FUJI HEAVY'S engine
* Maximum hose length 20 meter
* Relief valve setting
UP: 68.5Mpa


The HPE-4M is a manual controlled engine driven hydraulic pump suitable for single and double acting presses for transmission line use.

The manual control valve permits the user to advance, hold and retract the ram at will. It works for both single and double acting presses.

Simple design and positive manual control valve is ideal for high voltage construction site where electric magnetic field becomes concern.

Valve Mode & Operation

UP: the ram advances and pressure goes up to 68.5Mpa. Then the relief valve functions.

NEUTRAL: the ram stops and holds its position

DOWN: the ram retracts to its lowest point.(Single and double acting presses) Then the pump builds up pressure to 13.7Mpa and the relief valve functions.

(Double acting press)

The FUJI HEAVY'S four cycle engine EX-13 is used with this Pump. This engine meets emission control in accordance with EPA Phase2 and CARB Tier2. And this engine reduces level by 2 dBA in comparison with former EY15 engine on the HPE-3M.