Other Tools NP-400


It is necessary to change the blade depth according to the insulation thickness.

Operating instructionsOperating instructions:
1 Set the blade depth by rotating the adjusting knob.
2 Set the conductor in the peeler.
3 Start peeling by rotating the peeler around the conductor.
4 Apply hand force against the peeling direction to end the peeling.


The NP-400 can peel insulation from a conductor with an O.D. of 10 to 32 mm and a maximum insulation thickness of 3 mm.

This tool will not work on semiconductors since the cutting blade uses a scoop design to pull insulation away from the wire strands.

It is most commonly used on jacketed aluminum and copper cables for both underground and overhead.

The NP-400 can handle mid-span peeling as well as cable end preparation. A simple rotation and hand force is all it takes to remove the jacket.