Lithium Ion Battery Operated Tools(Others) LIC-5200MX


Specify charger input voltage.

* Following attachments are available separately

Threaded bar cutting attachment Rebar cutting attachment Cable cutting attachment T connector compression dies Knock out punching attachment Angle beam punching attachment Multipurpose Hydraulic Head Hexagonal compression Dies


The LIC-5200MX is a multipurpose tool operated by eco-friendly Li-Ion battery. This tool is suitable for various types of crimping, cutting, punching and etc.

Available attachments are 8 kinds and the LIC-5200MX comes standard with rotary type crimping head, 200 mm2 Yoke-nest and indentors suitable for up to 200 mm2 crimping terminals.

Attachments are mounted on the tool head by inserting two lock pins located at the cylinder head for easy changeover.

The control buttons are activated by only one hand so that other hand is always free to hold working material.

Electronic circuit board with LED indicates compression status and battery capacity.