Lithium Ion Battery Operated Tools(Cutters) LIC-S524


Specify charger input voltage.

Cutting capacity : # of cuts

MaterialBP-14LN Wire rope 6x718mm82 Wire rope 6x1224mm105 Wire rope 6x1924mm67 Soft steel bar20mm90 Re-bar16mm120 Cu strands24mm120 Al strands24mm150 ACSR24mm142 Guy wire 1x720mm127 Guy wire 1x1920mm100 CCP cableN/A


The LIC-S524 is a cable cutter powered by eco-friendly Li-Ion battery.

It can cut Cu and Al cables and ACSR cables up to 24mm.

With the pull of the trigger, you can cut ACSR cables up to 24mm, and guy wires to 20mm

The specially designed flip-top latch and rotating head provide exceptional ease of use andmaneuverability in tight working quarters.