Lithium Ion Battery Operated Tools(Cutters) LIC-S540


Specify charger input voltage.

Cutting capacity : # of cuts

MaterialBP-14LN Wire rope 6x722mm60 Wire rope 6x1222mm82 Wire rope 6x1922mm45 Soft steel bar20mm60 Re-bar16mm60 Cu strands40mm42 Al strands40mm52 ACSR38mm45 Guy wire 1x715mm120 Guy wire 1x1920mm72 CCP cableN/A


The LIC-S540 is a cable cutter operated by eco-friendly Li-Ion batteryto cut various cables used in the industry today. It is now equipped with rapid ram advance mechanism for faster operation. With a pull of the trigger, you can cut Cu and Al cables up to 40mm and ACSR cableup to 38mm.

The rotating head provides exceptional ease of use and maneuverability in tight workingquarters.

The lock pin type head allows the cutter head to open widely for easy insertion of cuttingmaterial.

The LIC-S540 has an overload bypass which will kick out when tool reaches 68kN of output.