Hydraulic Compression Tools LP-430C


* Low pressure hydraulic compression tool
* Direct power input from truck PTO
* Relief setting at 13.7Mpa (2,000 PSI)
* Suitable for bucket truck use
* Specify the manufacturer's die and connector numbers
* New head design completely eliminated retract pinch points


The LP-430C hydraulic tool is directly powered by PTO (Power Take Off) from utility bucket trucks or any vehicle with a low pressure hydraulic circuit having Line pressure of 13.7Mpa or 2,000 PSI and a maximum flow of 35 liters/min.or 9 GPM.

The LP-430C is designed to operate with either Open-Center or Closed Center hydrarlic system by rotating the head to the position.

The LP-430C has the same compression head as the REC-6431 so that dies are interchangeable with all 12 ton U-type dies.

It has built-in relief valve to prevent overloading the tool from more than 13.7Mpa or 2,000 PSI of input pressure.

LP-430C is fitted with a two step safety trigger to assist in eliminating accidenta l operation.

Trigger guard is rubber coated to protect user against sharp edges.