Other Tools IZ-325A


Cutting capacity :Nonferrous cables only.

Cutting material :Polyethyene cable
600V-CV325mm² (31mm OD)
600V-CV60mm² X 3 core(32mm OD)

Multi-core vinyl insulation cable VVR 60mm² X 3 core (33mm OD)

IV325mm² (29mm OD)

To release ratchet, push release lever downward Blade moves freely.


The IZ-325A Ratchet Cable Cutter was designed to cut up to 325mm2 or 33mm outer diameter Cu Cable.

The IZ-325A features light weight, easy to use and clean cutting of the material

The cutter is equipped with the release mechanism so that the cutting can be backed out when necessary.

This economical ratchet cutter is ideal for an electrician's wiring preparation tool.