Hydraulic Cutters P-100A


Cutting of piano wire is prohibited
Cutting capacity

Cu strands42mm Al strands46mm CCP cable100mm Wire rope 6x7N/A Wire rope 6x12N/A Wire rope 6x19N/A Soft steel barN/A Reinforcing rodN/A ACSRN/A Guy wire 1x7N/A Guy wire 1x19N/A


The P-100A hydraulic cutter head features :
Fast cutting with remote operation
It can be operated by any hydraulic pump with rated oil pressure of 68.5 Mpa (10,000 PSI)
Equipped with PT 3/8" threaded Izumi high pressure couplers
PT-NPT adapters are available on request for NPT 3/8" threaded couplers
Blades are easily replaceable
Lock pin type cutter head