Hydraulic Cutters P-85YC


Cutting capacity :


Polyethylene cable

600V-CV325 mm² (60 mm OD) 3 core 600V-CV150 mm²(46 mm OD) 3 core 600V-CV500 mm² (38 mm OD)

Multi-core vinyl insulation cable

VVR150 mm² (47 mm OD) 3 core CCP Cable (85 mm OD) Lead sheathed cable(85mm OD)


The P-85YC scissors type cutter head was designed to cut various cables used in the industry today.

It can cut Cu and Al cables up to 60mm and CCP cables up to 85mm.

The scissors type cutter head provides exceptional ease of use and maneuverability when making many cuts. It can cuts the cables with a minimum amount of distortion.

The P-85YC remote head requires an external, high pressure, 68.5Mpa (10,000 PSI) pumping source.