Pressure Test Gauges PG-610B



Output force adjustment of tools requires calibrated force test gauge and appropriate tools to adjust the relief valve.

Improper adjustment may result in too high or too low of inner pressure.

Higher pressure may cause damage to the tool or seals.

Lower pressure results in insufficient tool output causing improper connection of compressed connectors.


The PG-610B is the inline pressure gauge to check inline pressure of the hydraulic system.

The PG-610B force test gauge was designed to measure output force up to 15 ton. It is used to calibrate 12 ton and 15 ton tools. It was designed to fit in all brand 12 ton tools, and is supplied with U type test dies. When 15 ton tool, EP- 610HS2, is calibrated, U die adapter is necessary to adapt test dies.

The PG-610B comes complete with U type test dies and steel carrying case.