Hydraulic Pumps R14E-H


New design
* Two stage pumping system for rapid advance
* Adjustable output pressure to 68.5 Mpa
* 360 degree swivel joint for hose maneuverability
* Visual oil level
* Wired remote control
* Lighter weight
* Durable resin cover and oil reservoir
* Hose holders on cover


The R14E-H remote operated pump gives the operator complete control. Push buttons permit the operator to advance and retract at w i l l . The operator is never committed to a full cycle, and can always back off at any time during the advance even under pressure. This feature increases efficiency because cuts and crimps can be adjusted as necessary, simply by stopping the advance or retract mode.

The electric motor shuts off when UP button is released and the pressure reaches to preset valve. of 68.5Mpa. The ram can be retracted while DOWN button is depressed.

A 3 meter remote control cable provides both safety and convenience. The operator can set up an operation and then move away from the work site before engaging the tool.