Battery Operated Tools (Compression Tools) REC-3510A


Dies are sold separately. Specify charger input voltage.
* Battery operated compression tool
* 42 mm jaw opening C head
* LED lights when battery capacity becomes low
* Well balanced & compact design
* Larger handle opening with rockertype switch
* Built-in foot base with finger indents
* New rapid advance system
* 14.4 VDC powerful motor
* Right or left handed operation
* Accepts all dies used for Alcoa, Burndy, T&B, Klauke, Cembre and Blackburn 12 ton U-type dies
* 350 degree swivel head
* Optional DC charger
* Quality backed by ISO9001


The REC-3510A is the third generation of this model ROBO tool and has the largest jaw opening of all of our battery operated 12 ton compression tools.

The opening is 42 mm which will accept midspan copper and aluminum sleeves and cables up to 750 KCM. This tool accepts all "U" type dies available on the market.

Portability and handling are made easier because the REC-3510A system is self contained and compact. It features a larger handle opening with a rocker-type advance/retract switch located on top of the handle for 1-finger trigger operation.

This tool is designed to acommodate U-type dies for applying compression fittings to copper, aluminum and ACSR conductors.

New head design completely eliminated pinch points.