Battery Operated Tools (Others) REC-55PDF


Specify charger input voltage

Ordering information :
Standard accessories :
1 Battery
2 Charger
3 Setting threads ( 3/4 and 3/8)
4 Collar (L, M, S, SS)
5 Shoulder strap
6 Plastic carrying case
REC-55PDF above accessories only
REC-55PDF(A) above plus A19 to A51 punch set
REC-55PDF(B) above plus B16 to B54 punch set
Detail information of punch is shown on page of SH-10


The REC-55PDF is a battery operated punch driver with swivel head for easy access to tight enclosed control panels. It gives clean perforation through 3.2mm thick mild steel or 1.6mm stainless steel with 104mm (4'') holes.

This tool is ideal for working on control panels.

The number of perforations per charge for 3" hole on 3.2mm steel : 52 perforations / BP-70MH