The 6th Generation Battery Operated Tools (Others) REC-6200MX


Battery Operated Multi-Purpose Tool

5 optional attachments
Easy changeover attachments by lock pin
LED work light


Crimping, Cutting, Punching
Crimping : 8-250mm² JIS Copper lugs with basic crimp set Cutting, Punching -> see attachments
Ram stroke:
22 mm
Output force:
383 x 261 x 79 mm
5.0 kg (without battery)
Battery type:
Battery, Charger, Carrying Case

Optional Attachments for REC-6200MX

  200AT-50YC 200AT-13WT 200AT-9PD 200AT-AP18
Application Cutting for Cu/Al Cables Cutting for Threaded bar Knock out punching for metal sheet Punching for Angle steel bars
Range Max. 50mm O.D. Cu/Al Cables W3/8, W/1/2 Soft steel and Stainless Up to B104 (115.5mm) dia. hole on 3.2mm thickness mild steel (1.6mm stainless steel) Up to 17.5mm dia. hole on 6mm thickness steel
Accessories - W 3/8 Die Set bolts, Collars. Punch & Die are sold separately 10.5mm, 13.5mm and 175mm dia. punch
  * Not for steel materials * W 1/2, M10, M12 Cutting Die are sold separately * Punch & die, Set bolts Collars are the same as for