The 6th Generation Battery Operated Tools (Compression Tools) REC-651F


Dies are sold separately.
Specify the manufacturer's die and connector numbers.
Specify charger input voltage.
* Battery operated compression tool
* Latch type H framed tool head
* Light weight and slim design
* Pistol type, well balanced design
* 14.4VDC powerful motor
* Right or left handed operation
* Accepts Beku type dies
* 180 degree swivel head
* Optional DC charger
* Quality backed by ISO 9001
* Rapid advance
* non-slip soft grip
* LED light for dark working site


The REC-651F accepts BEKU type dies widely used in European countries.

Light weight and slim design is ideal for close quarter appl ication such as connection in the switch box. Also easy latch type closed head provides easy insertion and removal of connectors.

Electronic circuit board with LED indicates compression status and battery capacity.

The REC-651F has electronic memory function to read number of compression oycles that tool has made.

The number of crimps per charge for 150mm2 terminal : 67 crimps / BP-70MH