The 6th Generation Battery Operated Tools (Compression Tools) REC-6NDSL


Dies are sold separately.
* Battery operated hydraulic compression tool
Optional attachments
SL-6CJ Crimping Jaw
SL-CH Cu/Al Cutter Attachment
SL-ACSR Cutter Attachment
* Light weight slim design.
* Rapid advance
* Non-slip soft grip
* LED light for dark working site


The REC-6NDSL was developed for more robust higher quality,pistol grip tool.

It has a choice of jaw types, the SL-6CJ Jaw for crimping. For cutting, switch to the SL-CH and SL-ACSR cutter attachments.

Quickly change head types with the pull-pin design.

The SL-6CJ accommodates 6 ton U-type dies for applying compression fittings to copper, aluminium and ACSR conductors widely used in the industry.