Battery Operated Tools (Battery Operated Pump) REC-P600


Approx, number of compressions per charge with BP-70E.
45 - Using a 12ton head (EP-410H) on 150 mm² Cu sleeve.
20 - Using a 30ton head (EP-520C) on 500 mm² Cu terminal.

Required battery type

REC-P600: BP-70E,70EI,70MH, 80LI (insertion type)

REC-Li600P:BP-14LN (slide on type)


The REC-P600 / REC-Li600P are battery powered hydraulic pumps which have a 600cc reservoir capacity. They are ideal for overhead line maintenance work where remote operation i s required.

Fitted remote control that allows the operator to advance, retract and stop the piston at any desired position.

Our new "Dual Hydraulic Powered" system allows to work off of one or two batteries.

600cc reservoir volume is sufficient to operate up to a 60ton compression head.