Battery Operated Tools (Others) SB-3UK


Specify charger input voltage

* Battery operated impact wrench for shear bolts
* 196 N・m or 143 ft・lbs torque

* Variable speed to 2,200 rpm * 1/2" square drive
* Short body length for tight space application
* Well balanced and light weight
* Regular E-Robo series 14.4 V battery
* Quality backed by ISO 9001
Quality Management System


The SB-3UK is a battery operated impact wrench especially designed to torque down the shear bolts for electrical connection use.

The tool features a unique shape to reduce its length for easy access to tight space.

It develops 196 N・m or 143 ft・lbs of torque and features variable speed to 2,200 rpm.

As it was designed for electrical work, there is no opening for air circulation. Continuous use will overheat and damage the tool. Rest the tool after 20 bolts are sheared.