Hydraulic Cutters SP-20A


Cutting of piano wire is prohibited
Cutting capacity

Wire rope 6x716mm Wire rope 6x1220mm Wire rope 6x1920mm Soft steel bar16mm Reinforcing rod13mm Cu strands20mm Al strands20mm ACSR21mm Guy wire 1x715mm Guy wire 1x1916mm CCP cableN/A


The SP-20A hydraulic cutter head features :
* Fast cutting with remote operation
* It can be operated by any hydraulic pump with rated oil pressure of 68.5 Mpa (10,000 PSI)
* Equipped with PT 3/8" threaded Izumi high pressure couplers
* PT-NPT adapters are available on request for NPT 3/8" threaded couplers
* Blades are easily replaceable
* Flip-top latch for easy insertion of cutting material