Hydraulic Cutters P-132


Cutting of piano wire is prohibited
Cutting capacity

Cu strands42mm Al strands46mm Wire rope 6x7N/A Wire rope 6x12N/A Wire rope 6x19N/A Soft steel barN/A Reinforcing rodN/A ACSRN/A Guy wire 1x7N/A Guy wire 1x19N/A *Quality backed by ISO 9001


The P-132 hydraulic cutter head features :
Cuts underground or armored cables (depends on type)
Fast cutting with remote operation
Guillotine type cutting for less jamming than shear type cutting
132mm jaw opening accepts larger size cables
Can be operated by any hydraulic pump with rated oil pressure of 68.5 Mpa (10,000 PSI)
Equipped with NPT 3/8" threaded Parker type high pressure couplers
Blades are easily replaceable
Lock pin type cutter head